Overcoming The 4 Mistakes Digital Package

If Mr. Right Still Hasn’t Come Into Your Life, You Need To Stop Making These 4 Mistakes In Your Relationships Right Now!

If you have experienced heartbreak after heartbreak and are still looking for guys in all the wrong places, then I want to help you answer the number one question that is burning in your heart and your head: how can I find the guy of my dreams and live happily ever after?

AK IvanovaMy name is A.K. Ivanova and I have dedicated my life’s work to helping women like you find happiness and overcome the mistakes that are hurting your relationships from manifesting into ever-after.

I have taken my own experiences being in multiple types of happy and painful relationships, studied  and researched the things that make a successful relationship and have been featured on FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS sharing these strategies to women just like you, who want to have fun, enjoy your life and share it with a man that appreciates and loves you.

If you are tired of the crying, the heartbreak and the emotional roller-coaster of disappointing relationships, then I encourage you to read the rest of this page to see how I can help you, just like I have for countless other women just like you.

Introducing A.K. Ivanova’s breakthrough program, Overcoming The 4 Mistakes Women Make In A Relationship

In this 4 part series I will guide you through the 4 mistakes that are ruining your relationships and letting men control your lives and your emotions. Over the 4 parts I reveal:

  • How to describe what a true, happy relationship is and how to find one for yourself
  • The 2 types of women in every relationship and how to determine which one you are and why that is potentially sabotaging your relationships from the start
  • Examples of real life situations of both types of women and how they act and react in a relationship
  • How to break down the types of men that you traditionally date and what that might be telling you about the future of those relationships
  • How to notice changes in your personality as you go from first encounter, to first date to dating
  • The exact things you need to do to transition into the 1 type of girl that keeps a man’s attention
  • Why you never want to find yourself in the 1-down position in a relationship and 2 things you can do in your next relationship to get into the 1-up position
  • How to avoid specific scenarios that are hurting your relationships
  • Why the way that you respond to situations may be turning off and turning away guys quicker and faster than any other action
  • How to transition your mindset from finding Mr. Forever and having fun in the moment while living and enjoying your life
  • Why casual sex may be one of the reasons you are destroying your chances of making it to ever-after
  • Specific and actionable ways to listen and respond better to control the relationship
  • How to live more in the moment and how that helps you have better, happier and longer-lasting relationships
  • The absolute first thing you need to establish in your next relationship
  • The real importance’s of keeping a man’s attention and how to do it based on personal experience and working with hundreds of women just like you
  • And so much more practical, down to earth and proven ways to make your next relationship the best yet…

My new system to overcoming these 4 relationship mistakes is a combination of personal experience and working with women like you while we help you find the answers, the strength and the energy to go out and find the guy that will make you happy and live a fulfilling life.

Read below to see how you can get instant access today and get your dating life in the best shape it’s ever been!

Instant Digital Access To The 4 Mistakes Package

This package is perfect for women on the go that prefer to have instant digital access to the materials and download them onto their MP3 players, iPads or watch online at their convenience. This digital package includes all 4 parts of the Overcoming 4 Mistakes in both Mp3 and video formats, so you can plug it right into your iPod, iPad, watch online or wherever else you listen and watch digital files.

You will also have instant access to 2 PDF’s to read online, print out or put on your eReader device The first is A.K.’s book that follows along with the MP3 and video files and the 2nd is her Dating & Relationship Action Guide where you can apply everything A.K. says and find a man that makes you happy.

You will have instant digital access today for only $97. Please click the Add To Cart Button below to order now.

I am so sure that this information will make an impact on your life that I am willing to put it on the line for you. If, after going through the 4 core modules of the program, you are still making the same mistakes and not cultivating your ideal relationship, I will give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked. This is part of my 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you really want to experience the freedom and the lifestyle that you desire in a long-lasting, happy and fulfilling relationship, then please let me help you today. If you are tired of the emotional roller-coasters, the all-night tearjerkers and explaining to your friends that it didn’t work out again, let me help you today.

I would love to be your coach, your supporting hand and the person that helped you ultimately find Mr. Right.

I look forward to helping you realize your dreams. To your future,

-A.K. Ivanova