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Win His/Their Heart is a unique service that coaches you in how to get your ex back as well as
the proper way to catch the attention of a guy or gal and keep it.

If you feel like the same things keep happening to you and you find yourself asking,

“Why can’t I just find Mr. or Ms. Right” or “How do I get him to like me again then you have found the right place.

Let us help you with your love life. Our dating coach services will help you attract the right person with an array of things ranging from teaching you how to dress to attract what you want all the way to the classic mistakes made in any dating relationship.

We also provide relationship advice. If you find yourself going over details and wondering if he or she is into you please speak with one of our specialist or coaches.



Prices are as follows:

To e-mail one question the fee is $15

For a 30 minute phone conversation with a dating coach the fee is $25

For a 30 minute phone conversation about relationship advice or how to get your ex back the fee is $30

For a face to face weekend and guide including help with shopping and examples in how to work a room to your
benefit the price is airfare and accommodations. (Women Only 21 and Up)

Receive $10 off for each friend you refer who uses our services

You can buy a dating coach package of 2 hours which is 4 sessions for $80

You can also buy a package of relationship advice of 2 hours, which is 4 sessions for $100

Contact Information

Please e-mail to set up a time for one of our coaches or specialist to call you. Title it Win Their Heart so that it doesn’t get filtered to spam.You will then be sent a PayPal bill which must be paid by the time of the call. If you would like to pay by bank check or money order please e-mail for mailing instructions. We will e-mail you when we receive your payment to set up a mutually convenient time to call.

Once the time is set up we will need you to e-mail once again with a highlight of the issue you are having so that we can prepare the best outcome for your situation. If you choose not to be called and to have one question answered please send an e-mail with your question. Payment must be made prior to a consultation and is non-refundable. If you do not hear back from us within 2 days, please e-mail us and let us know you have not received our response.



We provide dating coaching, advice and helpful hints in how to win the attention of the opposite sex. We are not psychics or therapist and are not held responsible for how the other party responds to the information you are given. Like all decisions in life the final one is ultimately yours. We cannot predict the outcome of a situation; we are only here to help you achieve what you want. You have the final say in whether or not to take our advice and your approach determines if it will work.


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