Ladies, welcome to Win His Heart and your new peace of mind. If you are reading these words, then you probably stumbled across A.K. Ivanova’s book Win His Heart and have come here to to learn more. Or maybe a friend sent you to this website. A.K. knows your pain…because she experienced it first-hand and learned from it. She walks you through her own experiences as she battled being ignored, cheated on, and even left–right before her wedding day! From her many painful and humiliating experiences, she set out to find what turns a man off, what turns him on, and what KEEPS HIM AROUND, and most importantly—HOW TO GET YOUR EX BACK.

Countless interviews and months of carefully observing relationship behavioral patterns taught A.K. the secret keys to keeping a man interested—really interested. Now she’s the keeper and is no longer the girl being cheated on. She knows how to read the negative behavioral signs and now is able to protect her heart while dating men and having fun! She even benefits from using “what not to do” techniques as a source to get guys to stop pursuing her, which proves time and time again… that what keepers do… really does work!

Overcoming The 4 Mistakes Women Make In A Relationship Digital Package

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