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A.K. Ivanova grew up in a small town near the South Platte River in Northeastern Colorado. She spent her high school years being the “go-to” girl for relationship problems. Because of her broad circle of friends, she often found herself in a position where a person would go to her for help, but she was friends with both of the people who were struggling to keep their relationship working. This allowed her to make reliable and unbiased conclusions about what makes a good relationship work. The tangled web of romances around her had a significant impact on the way she looked at dating. Years later finding herself still being the "go-to" girl in her adult friendships, this respect fot her advice led her to conduct the research needed to complete the book Win His Heart.

A.K. Ivanova has been an early childhood educator for the past fifteen years, and is a frequent volunteer for area youth programs. Because of her recognized skill in interpersonal relationships, many people rely on her advice. A.K. Ivanova is an expert in relationship advice and a successful dating coach. She is the founder of Win Their Heart, LLC and has been seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX television.

A.K. has traveled the world, observing the way men think and respond to the way women act. With numerous conversations and questionairs with men, this has helped her to complete Get Your Ex Back and Win His Heart, which is a compilation of her experiences with making relationships work.